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M20 Wall System

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Custom Price
Sta-Put Spray Glue £7.14
Acoustic Mastic £7.14
12.5mm Soundshield £21.54
M20 Rubber Panels £29.94
SPS dB Board Tape £9.54
SPS dBX Boards £32.34


The M20 panel system offer a practical slimline and effective solution for soundproofing walls, particularly for situations where space is limited or where a DIY approach is preferred. Its ability to achieve high acoustic performance and the availability of upgrade options make it a versatile choice for addressing sound insulation needs in various settings.

Key Features:

  1. Slim Fitting: The M20 panel system is a slim-fitting wall soundproofing solution, which means it doesn't take up much space and is suitable for situations where space is limited.
  2. Panel Size: It uses 1m x 1m M20 panels, providing a convenient and manageable size for installation.
  3. dBX Upgrade Option: The system offers a dBX upgrade option, allowing for enhanced soundproofing performance, especially in low-frequency ranges.
  4. DIY-Friendly: It is designed to be a fast, clean, and DIY-friendly solution, making it accessible to homeowners and individuals looking to improve sound insulation in their spaces.


  • The M20 insulation, when used in the system as shown in the diagram, can achieve a performance exceeding 47dB Dnt, W +CTr. This performance exceeds the requirements outlined in Part E for party wall soundproofing, demonstrating its effectiveness in reducing sound transmission.

Upgrade Options:

  • The system offers upgrade options for those who require even higher levels of soundproofing. By incorporating dBX boards into the system, particularly for addressing low-frequency sounds, you can further enhance soundproofing performance. dBX boards are known for their unique property of having minimal resonant properties, which can be advantageous for sound insulation.


  • The M20 Panel is affixed to the wall using high-performance contact adhesive, making it relatively easy to install.
  • When necessary, you can cut or shape the rubber panels with a sharp knife or a jigsaw to fit the specific dimensions of your wall.
  • Ensuring the existing wall has no holes or gaps is essential to prevent noise leakage. Common sources of noise leakage can be at the flooring and ceiling joists.
  • Plasterboards or dBX boards are then bonded to the M20 panels using the provided spray adhesive. Leaving a small gap at the perimeter and filling it with acoustic mastic helps create an airtight seal and ensures the effectiveness of the soundproofing system.




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