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Acoustic Glass - For Music Studios | Drum Rooms | Noisy Roads

£249.95 ex. VAT

£299.94 inc. VAT


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Single £299.94


Acoustic glass is specialist glass that considerably reduces noise transfer through music studios and live rooms, noisy roads in domestic homes and glass partitions n the office work place. ... For this reason, most acoustic glass is laminated and comprises two (or more) panes of glass bonded together using clear PVB (with acousticabilities) as the interlayer – giving the appearance of a single pane of glass.

Extremely popular with music studios, drum rooms and even upgrading domestic double glazed units to reduce road noise.

Please contact us when ordering your acoustic glass panes. We can offer the glass only or a full UPVC or Wooden Frame for doors and windows.

All units are made to order. Contact us before checkout.

Product Specifications:
Size : 1m x 1m
Thickness : 20mm

Please contact SRU Insulation with your acoustic glass specifications. We can manufacture any size Acoustic units with various Acoustic Performances.

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