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Acoustic Rated Steel Door Sets - 35dB

£699.95 ex. VAT

£839.94 inc. VAT

Product Total-Sub Cost: 

Total Meterage: 

Size Price
1095 x 2020 £973.14
995 x2020 £943.14
895 x 2020 £911.94
795 x 2020 £839.94


SRU Insulation stands as a prominent manufacturer in the UK, specializing in crafting high qaulity steel Acoustic and Fire Rated Steel doors. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is evident in the following features:

Our doors are meticulously manufactured in our UK-based facility, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship.
Swift Turnaround: Enjoy the convenience of a short lead time, with orders typically ready within 2-5 days.
Proven Acoustic Performance: These doors have been rigorously tested on-site and boast an impressive acoustic performance of 35dB (Dw).

Applications of our 35dB (Dw) Acoustic Doors Steel Door & Frame include various settings such as:

  • Recording Studios
  • Theatres
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Cinemas

Door Specifications & Sizes available: 

  • 795mm x 2020mm
  • 895mm x 2020mm
  • 995mm x 2020mm
  • 1095mm x 2020mm
  • Cutom sizes and colours availble on request

Key Door Features:

  • Cylinder: Fitted with a Euro profile UAP brand tradelock cylinder.
  • Frame Material: Made from robust 1.8mm galvanized steel.
  • Frame Depth: The door frame has a depth of 90mm.
  • Leaf Depth: The door leaf offers a 50mm depth.
  • Hinges: Equipped with 4 stainless steel heavy-duty ball bearing hinges.
  • Acoustic Seals: Nylon self-adhesive door seals are included to enhance sound insulation.

Please note that carriage fees for door delivery may vary, starting from £90.


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