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Soundlay+ System

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Custom Price
MLV100 £71.94
Acoustic Mastic £7.14
Soundlay Plus £43.80
MLV50 £71.94
RW5 100mm Acoustic Mineral Wool £38.88
RW3 100mm Acoustic Mineral Wool £42.66


Soundlay Plus Floor System is a versatile and high-performance solution for addressing various soundproofing needs in both residential and commercial buildings. Its compliance with building regulations, impressive sound reduction ratings, and suitability for different applications make it a valuable choice for architects, builders, and homeowners seeking effective noise control solutions.

Soundlay Plus Features:
Material Composition: Soundlay Plus consists of a laminated sandwich structure with two layers of acoustic membrane barriers separated by Class 0 acoustic foam. This design is intended to provide efficient soundproofing properties by combining different materials that excel at sound isolation.

Compliance with Building Regulations: The product is designed to exceed current Building Part E regulations when installed with the appropriate combination of materials. This is crucial for meeting or surpassing the soundproofing requirements mandated by building codes and standards.
Manufactured in the UK: Locally manufactured products may be preferred for quality control and environmental considerations.

Thickness: With a thickness of 15mm, these boards offer soundproofing benefits without significantly increasing the overall floor height. This is especially important when retrofitting soundproofing solutions into existing structures.
Coverage: Each board covers an area of 1.44m², making it easier to determine the quantity required for a given space.
Weight: At 16kg per square meter, these boards add thermal mass to lightweight buildings, which can assist with sound insulation and contribute to temperature regulation within the space.

Sound Reduction:
The Soundlay Plus boards have been tested for their sound reduction performance and have achieved impressive ratings of 54dB for airborne sound and 49dB for impact sound. These values indicate their effectiveness in reducing both airborne and impact noise transmission.

Applications: Soundlay Plus Floor System have a wide range of applications, including:
Reducing Noise from Noisy Neighbors: These mats can be used to mitigate sound from neighboring units in apartments or multi-story buildings, improving the overall living conditions.
Minimizing Noise Within Your Own Home: They are effective at enhancing acoustic comfort within individual living spaces by reducing noise transfer between rooms.
Enhancing Soundproofing in Recording Studios or Music Practice Rooms: Musicians and recording studios can benefit from the soundproofing capabilities of these mats to create a quieter and more controlled acoustic environment.
Reducing Noise Between Offices or Workspaces: In commercial settings, these mats can help maintain a productive and peaceful workspace by minimizing noise transmission between adjacent offices or workspaces.



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