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DBX Floors

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Custom Price
MLV100 £67.14
MLV50 £62.34
Floorlay9 £155.94
Acoustic Mastic £7.14
SPS dB Board Tape £9.54
SPS dBX Boards £29.99
RW3 100mm Acoustic Mineral Wool £42.66
RW5 100mm Acoustic Mineral Wool £38.88


SPS dBX Boards offer a practical and effective solution for addressing airborne noise issues while maintaining floor height. Their compliance with building regulations, eco-friendly composition, and outstanding sound reduction capabilities make them a valuable choice for soundproofing projects. It's advisable to consult with a professional or specialist in soundproofing to determine the exact quantity and installation method required for your specific situation.

SPS dBX Boards Features:
1. Material Composition: The SPS dBX Boards consist of an engineered fluted cardboard carcass filled with high-density quartz sand. This combination of materials is designed to provide effective soundproofing properties.
2. Natural and Eco-Friendly:These boards are described as natural and eco-friendly, making them a sustainable choice for soundproofing applications.
3. Outstanding Sound Reduction: SPS dBX Boards are known for their ability to reduce both airborne and impact sound effectively. This can help address issues related to noise from talking, TV, music, and other sources coming from the property below.
4. Compliance with Building Regulations: The boards are stated to surpass current Building Part E regulations when installed with the right combination of materials.
5. Manufactured in the UK: The fact that they are manufactured in the UK may indicate a commitment to quality and reliability.
6. Thickness: The boards have a thickness of 15mm, which suggests that they can provide soundproofing without adding significant height to the floor.
7. Coverage: Each board has a coverage area of 0.96m², making it easy to calculate how many boards are needed for your project.
8. Weight: With a weight of 22kg per square meter, these boards add thermal mass to lightweight buildings, which can help with sound insulation and temperature regulation.


- Sound Reduction: The SPS dBX Boards are rated to provide a sound reduction performance of 39dB, indicating their ability to significantly reduce airborne noise transmission.


These boards can be used in various applications, including:
- Reducing noise from noisy neighbours
- Minimizing noise within your own home
- Enhancing soundproofing in recording studios or music practice rooms
- Reducing noise between offices or workspaces.



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