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Cara Acoustic Fabric - For Covering Speakers and Sound Panels

£89.95 ex. VAT

£107.94 inc. VAT

Product Total-Sub Cost: 

Total Meterage: 

Size Colour Price
20m x 1.7m Lomond £287.88
10m x 1.7m Lomond £179.94
5m x 1.7m Lomond £107.94
20m x 1.7m Denny £287.88
10m x 1.7m Denny £179.94
5m x 1.7m Denny £107.94
20m x 1.7m Maree £287.88
10m x 1.7m Maree £179.94
5m x 1.7m Maree £107.94
20m x 1.7m Austen £287.88
10m x 1.7m Austen £179.94
5m x 1.7m Austen £107.94
20m x 1.7m Lerwick £287.88
10m x 1.7m Lerwick £179.94
5m x 1.7m Lerwick £107.94
20m x 1.7m Shetland £287.88
10m x 1.7m Shetland £179.94
5m x 1.7m Shetland £107.94
20m x 1.7m Sta-Put Spray Glue £287.88
10m x 1.7m Sta-Put Spray Glue £179.94
5m x 1.7m Sta-Put Spray Glue £107.94
20m x 1.7m Portland £287.88
10m x 1.7m Portland £179.94
5m x 1.7m Portland £107.94
20m x 1.7m Lead £287.88
10m x 1.7m Lead £179.94
5m x 1.7m Lead £107.94
20m x 1.7m Merrick £287.88
10m x 1.7m Merrick £179.94
5m x 1.7m Merrick £107.94
20m x 1.7m Glass £287.88
10m x 1.7m Glass £179.94
5m x 1.7m Glass £107.94
20m x 1.7m Hillswick £287.88
10m x 1.7m Hillswick £179.94
5m x 1.7m Hillswick £107.94
20m x 1.7m Chaucer £287.88
10m x 1.7m Chaucer £179.94
5m x 1.7m Chaucer £107.94
20m x 1.7m Vit £287.88
10m x 1.7m Vit £179.94
5m x 1.7m Vit £107.94
20m x 1.7m Clan £287.88
10m x 1.7m Clan £179.94
5m x 1.7m Clan £107.94
20m x 1.7m Lossie £287.88
10m x 1.7m Lossie £179.94
5m x 1.7m Lossie £107.94
20m x 1.7m Black £287.88
10m x 1.7m Black £179.94
5m x 1.7m Black £107.94
20m x 1.7m Tummel £287.88
10m x 1.7m Tummel £179.94
5m x 1.7m Tummel £107.94
20m x 1.7m Pitlochry £287.88
10m x 1.7m Pitlochry £179.94
5m x 1.7m Pitlochry £107.94
20m x 1.7m Easdale £287.88
10m x 1.7m Easdale £179.94
5m x 1.7m Easdale £107.94
20m x 1.7m Dolphin £287.88
10m x 1.7m Dolphin £179.94
5m x 1.7m Dolphin £107.94
20m x 1.7m Iverness £287.88
10m x 1.7m Iverness £179.94
5m x 1.7m Iverness £107.94
20m x 1.7m Galilee £287.88
10m x 1.7m Galilee £179.94
5m x 1.7m Galilee £107.94
20m x 1.7m Adriatic £287.88
10m x 1.7m Adriatic £179.94
5m x 1.7m Adriatic £107.94
20m x 1.7m Cluanie £287.88
10m x 1.7m Cluanie £179.94
5m x 1.7m Cluanie £107.94
20m x 1.7m Walten £287.88
10m x 1.7m Walten £179.94
5m x 1.7m Walten £107.94
20m x 1.7m Ronay £287.88
10m x 1.7m Ronay £179.94
5m x 1.7m Ronay £107.94
20m x 1.7m Lora £287.88
10m x 1.7m Lora £179.94
5m x 1.7m Lora £107.94
20m x 1.7m Fair Isle £287.88
10m x 1.7m Fair Isle £179.94
5m x 1.7m Fair Isle £107.94
20m x 1.7m Staffa £287.88
10m x 1.7m Staffa £179.94
5m x 1.7m Staffa £107.94
20m x 1.7m Carron £287.88
10m x 1.7m Carron £179.94
5m x 1.7m Carron £107.94
20m x 1.7m Beltane £287.88
10m x 1.7m Beltane £179.94
5m x 1.7m Beltane £107.94


Cara Fabric is acoustically transparent – the open weave allows sound to pass through it. This makes it ideal for covering speakers and sound absorbers made from acoustic foam or acoustic insulation materials. It is not itself a soundproofing material or an acoustic absorber.

For high quality acoustic panels wrapped in Cara, check out our very own acoustic sound panels on our website 

Cara fabric is 1.7 Metres wide and comes in 32 different colours (see chart below). Fire rating is BS476 Class 1.

SRU Insulation Ltd have supplied many thousands of metres to schools, businesses, public buildings, recording studios amongst other facilities.

This product is also available with a 2mm foam backing for additional strength and to prevent migration of mineral fibre. Foam backing makes the fabric absorptive at high frequencies which is fine for acoustic panels and bass traps but not for speaker grilles.

Cara +2mm foam backing costs:

50m + £12.50 p/m

20m + £14.00 p/m

10m + £15.00 p/m

5m + £16.00 p/m


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