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Tecsound 50 Non Adhesive Acoustic Membrane

£54.90 ex. VAT

£65.88 inc. VAT

1.2m x 6m

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Size Type Weight Price
1.2m x 6m Standard 36kg £65.88


Tecsound 50 is a high-density, polymer-based, asphalt- free synthetic soundproofing membrane, which is visco- elastic and highly adaptable, and provides good acoustic insulation in the different construction elements without increasing thickness.
Does not contain any PVCs. Tecsound 50 has excellent sound proofing properties. Sound damping is a problem with many constructions and in particular with rigid sheet materials such as plasterboard that absorb little sound energy because they easily vibrate and radiate sound through a structure quite effectively. Tecsound sound barrier mat however has tremendous density and mass whilst being extremely flexible. Its acoustically better than lead of the same surface mass, so will help block sound far more efficiently.
Roll Size: 1.2m x6m (7.2sqm)
Thickness: 2.6mm
Weight: 5kg per sqm
Acoustic Performance: 25dB *

Made from 68% recycled material fillers *Ideal to be used as a de-coupler between plasterboard *Blocks airborne sound as well as a sheet of lead
*Significantly increases the mass of any panel or board *

Other roll sizes, weights and self adhesive/non adhesive options are available


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