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FloorLay 9 High Performance Acoustic Underlay

£129.95 ex. VAT

£155.94 inc. VAT

9mm x 8m x 1.37m (10.96sqm)

Product Total-Sub Cost: 

Total Meterage: 

Size Price
9mm x 8m x 1.37m (10.96sqm) £155.94


FloorLay 9 High Performance Acoustic Underlay is ideal for reducing Impact Noise on both concrete and timber floors. Provides a perfect base for laminate hardwood floors & carpets fully decoupling the final floor from exiting structure.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Reduces impact noise through concrete and timber floors
  • Minimal wastage
  • Provides excellent base for both laminate and hardwood floors

Product Specifications

  • Roll Size: 8m x 1.37m (10.96sqm)
  • Thickness : 9.2mm
  • Mass p./sqm : 4kg/m2
  • Compression after dynamic load : 2.2mm


  • Impact LnTw - 31db

*Please be aware we purchase various products including our FloorLay9 underlay from various manufactures throughout the Uk and it may arrive with an alternative branding or logo.



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